Nordic Winner 2022
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Flat Coated Retriever
Judge Johansson Martin
BOB, NORDW-22Caci's Born To Be Mr X (Jernberg Lina, Sweden)
BOS, NORDW-22Almanza Why Mess With Success (Asp Mikko Madeleine, Sweden)
CAC dogCaci's Hot Amigo (Jernberg Lina, Sweden)
CAC bitchAlmanza Why Mess With Success (Asp Mikko Madeleine, Sweden)
Nord CAC dogCaci's Born To Be Mr X (Jernberg Lina, Sweden)
Nord CAC bitchAlmanza Why Mess With Success (Asp Mikko Madeleine, Sweden)
BOB veteran, NORDVW-22Calzeat The X-Factor (Dyrén Anette, Sweden)
BOB junior, NORDJW-22Caci's Hot Amigo (Jernberg Lina, Sweden)
BOS junior, NORDJW-22Dantaran Darling Buds Of May (Rajakallio Laura)
BOB breederCaci's (Östman Carina & Lundqvist Caroline & Jernberg Lina, Sweden)
5023Almanza Appetite For AdventureExcellent4Johansson Martin
5024Almanza Winter SolsticeExcellent2CQJohansson Martin
5025Caci's Hot AmigoExcellent1BM2CQ, JUN BOB, CAC, NORD RES-CAC, JUN CACJohansson Martin
5026Koenigsegg JeskoExcellentJohansson Martin
5027Leeway's FrizzantoVery goodJohansson Martin
5028Reverie Stream Eye CatchingExcellent3Johansson Martin
5029Pikestar's Play That Funky MusicVery good1Johansson Martin
5030Almanza Ferrari ScagliettiExcellent3Johansson Martin
5031Altaflats McdreamyGoodJohansson Martin
5032Caci's Proud As A PineExcellent1CQJohansson Martin
5033Rusty Rebel's Water Is My Happy ElementExcellent2CQJohansson Martin
5034Almanza Ain't No DoubtAbsent
5035Almanza Always In ActionExcellentJohansson Martin
5036Almanza Simply StarstruckExcellent4CQJohansson Martin
5037Altaflats Blow Me DownExcellentJohansson Martin
5038Caci's Born To Be Mr PerfectExcellentCQJohansson Martin
5039Caci's Born To Be Mr XExcellent1BM1CQ, BOB, NORD CAC, BIG-1, BIS-4Johansson Martin
5040Caci's Brother In ArmsExcellent3BM4CQ, RES CACJohansson Martin
5041Calzeat Causin Heads To TurnExcellentJohansson Martin
5042Euphforic Tail MudonthepawsExcellentCQJohansson Martin
5043Harvahampaan Prince LionheartAbsent
5044One Shining Masi MazzanoExcellent2BM3CQJohansson Martin
5045Almanza AvalancheExcellent4Johansson Martin
5046Dantaran Darling Buds Of MayExcellent1CQ, JUN BOSJohansson Martin
5047Kvicksans First LadyAbsent
5048Noanarkin Otus AsioExcellent2Johansson Martin
5049Pyymäen Puhdasta KultaaVery goodJohansson Martin
5050Rockaby Baby At Optimus Canis MoloseumExcellent3Johansson Martin
5051Nana Ant BangosExcellent1CQJohansson Martin
5052Almanza My Silver LiningAbsent
5053Almanza Her Majesty The QueenExcellent3BB4CQJohansson Martin
5054Almanza On And OffExcellentCQJohansson Martin
5055Almanza Why Mess With SuccessExcellent1BB1CQ, BOS, CAC, NORD CACJohansson Martin
5056Caci's Born To Be Miss SwedenExcellent4CQJohansson Martin
5057Caci's Top Notch GirlExcellentCQJohansson Martin
5058Calzeat Simply CleverExcellent2BB3CQ, RES CACJohansson Martin
5059Calzeat The X-FactorExcellent1BB2CQ, VET BOB, NORD RES-CACJohansson Martin
5060Flatkiss Hottest Go-GetterExcellent2Johansson Martin
5061Harvahampaan Keep Your StyleExcellent3Johansson Martin
Breeder's groups
8274Caci's1KPJohansson Martin