Nordic Winner 2022
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Toy Poodle
Judge Wallin Tarmo
BOB, NORDW-22Djakartas Likkety Split (Gustafsson Catalina, Sweden)
BOS, NORDW-22Nummenpään Born To Dream High (Ravaska Lotta)
CAC dogHaydee's Dasher (Hu Sini)
Nord CAC dogNummenpään Born To Dream High (Ravaska Lotta)
Nord CAC bitchDjakartas Likkety Split (Gustafsson Catalina, Sweden)
BOB veteran, NORDVW-22Djakartas Likkety Split (Gustafsson Catalina, Sweden)
BOB junior, NORDJW-22Divining Rod's Who's That At My Door (Hasu Piia)
BOS junior, NORDJW-22Haydee's Dasher (Hu Sini)
5788Diza Fleich PicassoVery goodWallin Tarmo
5789Haydee's DasherExcellent1BM4CQ, JUN BOS, CAC, JUN CACWallin Tarmo
5790Nummenpään Drop The Bomb Dream HighVery good3Wallin Tarmo
5791Smart Connection Orange Is A New BlackExcellent2Wallin Tarmo
5792Star Dust-NVery good4Wallin Tarmo
5793Divining Rod's Devil's Hot ChocolateExcellent1BM2CQ, NORD RES-CACWallin Tarmo
5794Bhanyanan TroublemakerExcellent2BM3CQWallin Tarmo
5795Haydee's D-JayExcellent3CQWallin Tarmo
5796Jade Garden Journey To Never-Never LandExcellent4CQWallin Tarmo
5797Nummenpään Born To Dream HighExcellent1BM1CQ, BOS, NORD CACWallin Tarmo
5798Bebella's MonalisaVery goodWallin Tarmo
5799Divining Rod's Who's That At My DoorExcellent1BB2CQ, JUN BOB, NORD RES-CACWallin Tarmo
5800Dream High Kai Kennel Place Ur BetsExcellent3Wallin Tarmo
5801Haydee's OreoExcellent2CQWallin Tarmo
5802Lb Jolie Kissed By FireExcellent4Wallin Tarmo
5803Belles Bouclés Move Your BodyVery good3Wallin Tarmo
5804Classy O Sole MioExcellent1BB3CQWallin Tarmo
5805Divining Rod's Working Nine To FiveExcellent2CQWallin Tarmo
5806Elpianko's Heart Full Of JoyExcellent1CQWallin Tarmo
5807Airi Arabeska Precious LoveVery good3Wallin Tarmo
5808Hopeaharjun HilirimpsisExcellent1BB4CQWallin Tarmo
5809Staccato's September LeafExcellent2Wallin Tarmo
5810Djakartas Likkety SplitExcellent1BB1CQ, BOB, VET BOB, NORD CAC, VET CACWallin Tarmo