Voittaja Winner 2022
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FCI 8 – Retrievers, Water Dogs and Flushing Dogs
Best of groups
1. Portuguese Water Dog
Aquafortis Robel The One, owner Kristiansen Runi & Kristiansen Terje, Norway
2. Curly Coated Retriever
Caballus Silver Dawn, owner Kuisma Susanna & Kuisma Otto
3. Cocker Spaniel
Nickel And Dimes Business As Usual, owner Nevapuro Taava
4. Clumber Spaniel
Wiglytail's Tutto Bene, owner Kostiainen Marianne
Photographs by DogXpress / Heidi Örling
American Cocker Spaniel11
American Water Spaniel1
Chesapeake Bay Retriever5
Clumber Spaniel7
Cocker Spaniel55
Curly Coated Retriever14
English Springer Spaniel50
Field Spaniel11
Flat Coated Retriever39
French Water Dog5
German Spaniel6
Golden Retriever60
Irish Water Spaniel5
Labrador Retriever68
Lagotto Romagnolo45
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje17
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever34
Portuguese Water Dog38
Russian Spaniel1
Spanish Water Dog37
Sussex Spaniel3
Welsh Springer Spaniel37