Voittaja Winner 2022
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Judge Hinriksson Daniel Örn
BOB, FIW-22Tangetoppen's Feel Like A Rockstar (Juverud Elisabeth, Norway)
BOS, FIW-22Tangetoppen's Awesome N'sparkling (Juverud Elisabeth & Alaluusua Viivi, Norway)
CACIB dogTangetoppen's Feel Like A Rockstar (Juverud Elisabeth, Norway)
CACIB bitchTangetoppen's Awesome N'sparkling (Juverud Elisabeth & Alaluusua Viivi, Norway)
CAC dogStrandsmedjans Toblerone (Rollvén Maria, Sweden)
CAC bitchStrandsmedjans Queen Bee (Rollvén Maria, Sweden)
BOB veteran, FIVW-22Strandsmedjans Trixie (Rollvén Maria, Sweden)
BOB junior, FIJW-22Duovas Queen Of Quality (Peltoniemi Eija, Sweden)
BOB breederDuovas (Peltoniemi Eija, Sweden)
5597Strandsmedjans ZorroExcellent1Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5598Ziggy's King Of HeartsExcellent2Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5599Strandsmedjans TobleroneExcellent1BM3CQ, CACHinriksson Daniel Örn
5600Don't Need No Filter Of The Pugs StoryVery Good3Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5601Duovas Mr PepperAbsent
5602Lordsett Gonna Be A LegendExcellent2Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5603Tangetoppen's Feel Like A RockstarExcellent1BM1CQ, BOB, CACIB, BIG-1Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5604Duovas Pick Up ArtistExcellent3Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5605Duovas Play The GameExcellent1BM2CQ, RES CACIBHinriksson Daniel Örn
5606Vilway's Born To Love YouExcellent2BM4CQHinriksson Daniel Örn
5607Xeriex's Smart JonesyVery Good4Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5608Duovas Queen Of QualityExcellent1CQ, JUN BOBHinriksson Daniel Örn
5609Strandsmedjans Lady SansaExcellent1BB3CQHinriksson Daniel Örn
5610Strandsmedjans UmbriaVery Good3Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5611Xeriex's Double Click CranberriesExcellent2Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5612Duovas Candy RushExcellent3Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5613Hekuba Always There For YouExcellent4Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5614Sofsun's Kiss To KissExcellent2CQHinriksson Daniel Örn
5615Strandsmedjans Queen BeeExcellent1BB4CQ, CACHinriksson Daniel Örn
5616Bullberry Pugs Vanity FairExcellent3CQHinriksson Daniel Örn
5617Duovas Sweet DesignExcellent2BB2CQ, RES CACIBHinriksson Daniel Örn
5618Tangetoppen's Awesome N'sparklingExcellent1BB1CQ, BOS, CACIBHinriksson Daniel Örn
5619Troppola Jenny From The BlockExcellentHinriksson Daniel Örn
5620Vilway's Breathtaking Love StoryExcellentHinriksson Daniel Örn
5621Xeriex's Steel RoseExcellent4Hinriksson Daniel Örn
5622Strandsmedjans TrixieExcellent1CQ, VET BOBHinriksson Daniel Örn
Breeder's groups
7293Duovas1KPHinriksson Daniel Örn