Voittaja Puppy Show 2022
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Collie Rough
Judge Taipale Kati
BOBKristallisäde Ocean King Of Crystal Matrix (Granfelt Eija)
BOSKristallisäde Magic Queen Of Crystal Matrix (Granfelt Eija)
BOB breederKristallisäde (Granfelt Eija)
75Aetherlands The Main Attraction4Taipale Kati
76Crocodile Rock's Canadian Whiskey3Taipale Kati
77Feliwing's Old-Fashioned Lover Boy2HPTaipale Kati
78Merry Moonray's What A Feeling1HPTaipale Kati
79Kristallisäde Blue Master Of Crystal Matrix2Taipale Kati
80Kristallisäde Ocean King Of Crystal Matrix1HP, BOBTaipale Kati
81Rocking Flame Hard Rock In Milky Way3Taipale Kati
82Crocodile Rock's Drunken Lullaby3Taipale Kati
83Crocodile Rock's Guinness Song4Taipale Kati
84Crocodile Rock's The Rocky Road To DublinAbsent
85Feliwing's Born To Love You2HPTaipale Kati
86Feliwing's Lily Of The Valley1HPTaipale Kati
87Glitterhex GilaneiaTaipale Kati
88Kristallisäde Magic Queen Of Crystal Matrix1HP, BOSTaipale Kati
89Kristallisäde Queen Sheba Of Crystal Matrix2Taipale Kati
90Sinkkiperän Hedy3Taipale Kati
Breeder's groups
2001Kristallisäde1KPTaipale Kati